Brent Dill (ialdabaoth) wrote in muti_fan,
Brent Dill

Hello, I just found this community. I've got a similar one, called extremebodymod, dedicated to actual technical discussion on how to perform more bizzare types of body modification - it's still empty, but I should start posting on it more frequently.

About me: I'm 30, male, and not interested in limitations to my own body, but definitely interested in the idea of using other peoples' bodies to create 'living sculpture', removing limbs and performing other alterations to make fun and interesting bits of living, breathing, walking (or crawling) art.

I have a lot of layman's medical knowledge, but I haven't attended medical school and wouldn't know the first thing about cutting on someone. I mostly research stuff for 'feasability studies'; trying to figure out how possible it is, for example, to completely remove someone's mouth, nose and eyes, use cheek implant material to completely smooth over the face, and sew up the skin scarlessly so that everything is a completely smooth egg - obviously tracheotomies and stomach tubes make this survivable, assuming someone could perform the surgery. Or, for another example, completely removing someone's upper and lower intestines, and connecting their colon directly to their esophagus in a straight tube, and feeding them through IV for the rest of their life.

I should note at this point that I'm not just talking about fantasy, here - I've been looking for like-minded people for years (with mixed success), trying to build enough of a group that one of these days, say around 2013 or so, I can start actually doing some of this stuff. I figure if we haven't relaxed some of our prudish attitudes about body modification and personal sovereignity by then, we'll all be screwed anyways, so either way it's all cool. ;) I also figure 2013's long enough to get a few interested people through medical school and build an actual staff to work with.

In any case, I'm also a rather prolific artist, making pictures like this one:

and more interesting ideas like this:

or these:

So, anyway, hi - this should be fun.
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