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New word I learned recently...

apotemnophilia: the desire to become an amputee, usually for sexual fulfillment.

Haven't studied the etymology of it yet, other than the -philia suffix... but anyway, it certainly seems to fit me... only trick is to make sure the pshrynks don't decide that the condition makes me 'a danger to myself' - which would be ironic, especially considering that it's only since I've accepted and begun to embrace this desire/craving/need that I've STOPPED being actively suicidal... go figure...

Anyway, another word from the same dictionary is acrotomophilia: the desire to have an intimate partner who is an amputee.

That said, I ran across a WONDERFUL medical ethics piece dealing with apotemnophilia the other day at . The conclusion is spot on, as I see it: not only is it ethical for a doctor to grant the requested amputation(s) to the apotemnophile, but it is UNETHICAL for them to DENY the treatment.
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