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Stray thoughts...

Excerpted bits from a conversation from earlier tonight. spare_parts would most likely appreciate this if she gets a chance to read it...

«tepsi» there's definitely something geeky about referring to the person who has most intimate access to her body as one's CE.
«bubbleentity» oh yes, but in this case it fits soo well
«tepsi» indeed it does, sweetie.
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» um...whats a CE?
«tepsi» Lord_Regweld[shy]: Chief Engineer.
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» wow...that is
«tepsi» it would hurt your brain if you knew why i refer to her that way, Lord_Regweld[shy]
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» er, refer to who?
«tepsi» bubbleentity
«bubbleentity» it would make sense, but it would hurt
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» as long as it works for you two, its all good :)
¢ tepsi smiles at Lord_Regweld[shy]... i appreciate that attitude.
¢ Lord_Regweld[shy] returns the smile
«tepsi» there are many who tell us that humanity was never meant to tread the territory we explore.
«tepsi» which i can only ask what defines the line between humanity and that which is not.
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» thank you two do have a fun evening :)
«tepsi» thank you, kind Sir... that will be easier when there are fewer than 10000 miles separating us though. :)
«bubbleentity» and this kinda importation duty is a killer :P ( j/k)
¢ Lord_Regweld[shy] smiles softly
«tepsi» yeah... no kidding...
¢ Lord_Regweld[shy] is sorta confused...but still talking to little one in PM
«tepsi» i present the worst difficulties of all three: advanced technologies import duties, human immigration regulations, and pet quarantine...
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» ah, so you're the one I bribe or sneak stuff past at the ports?
¢ Lord_Regweld[shy] ducks
«tepsi» Not quite human, not quite animal, not quite machine... a bit of all three, and something else entirely... drives customs officials crazy, and bioethics boards even crazier.
«tepsi» Lord_Regweld[shy]: if you have talent for doing so, i'd be very interested in calling upon your services to smuggle me into NZ.
«bubbleentity» agreed
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» no idea about import laws for NZ, sorry...I deal a bit with things going to europe and coming back from well as shipping things all over the states
«bubbleentity» lets just say that we have very stringent border controls regarding biological orginisms of all types
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» biological huh?
«bubbleentity» technological controls are more varent
«bubbleentity» however this would possibly be seen a .mil grade
¢ tepsi nods
¢ Lord_Regweld[shy] doesn't know enough about customs to know what most of those terms mean :(
«bubbleentity» it means that they do not want arms or militery components to be shipped throught this country
«bubbleentity» and they realy do get anal on that
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» does that have anything to do with importing people into the country? or am I getting lost?
«tepsi» but bubbles... i WON'T be transporting 'arms'. :P
«bubbleentity» lol
«bubbleentity» no, just legs at that point :P
«tepsi» Lord_Regweld[shy]: depends on how you define 'people' - which is precisely the sticking point.
«Lord_Regweld[shy]» I want to know?
«bubbleentity» if its people the immigration and naturalisation laws keep changing
«tepsi» Lord_Regweld[shy]: most likely not.

If only the onlookers had the first clue as to what we were talking about... perhaps in a later post to this community, I'll be more explicit in my explanations...
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