NEVADA♡ (henshin_mirva) wrote in muti_fan,

A dream I saw

I think this fits this journal well as well as mine. A wonderful dream I saw last night (and sorry I am so bad in writing down dreams/stories in english)

It was a quiet evening. Me, my lover and few other people gathered in the bus station to leave for the neighboring city. This was not an ordinary trip, we had something we shared together.. we were a suicide club. We were planning to kill ourselves by going on the train tracks in the early morning when the morning train would come but before we had to spend a night together in the hotel. My lover wasn't just one of the members, he was the leader of the group and I had a intense attraction towards him. Mainly because of his personality and also the fact that he loved everything else I did and I can't say that he wasn't bodily sexy too. We spent a night together.. talked. In the morning we woke up and right away left to the place we were going to do it. As we arrived there I started to feel oddly calm and relaxed and I remember that when I started to smile the leader looked at my face and smiled back and we held our hands together. That's when I started to hug him tight and after few minutes we could hear the train coming.. I closed my eyes as it came closer and closer and suddenly the dream ended after the collision.
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