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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages. Welcome to the wonderful delusion that lies within my mind, I may have to ask some of the more squeamish in the audience to please exit the auditorium. Thank you, now we may begin.

Although I find the aspect of an online journal rather redundant and somewhat foolish due to the fact that normally journals are a place where secrets and personal deep thoughts are scrawled, I can not help but have caught the virus in which is the need to make one. I have done this and at the request of mi dear friend Lyssa, I have joined this quaint little community.

My age and name matters little here, although one is welcome to call mi Messiah. We are here because we share a few common interests, despite the sinful quality of such things. Personally I am not into ’mutilation’ persay, but I do have a few of mi own twisted fantasies and fetishes, these I shall speak of later. In any sense, hello to all and I do hope to be welcome amongst you.
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